Episode 39 – laugh at the dark shit – Bad Parenting Podcast

special guest Izzy Rock
down to podcast
try not to be too serious
ebola panic
a little conversation can go a long way
evolution of language
every race has shitty people
heritage is not an excuse for ignorance
similar trajectories
rough upbringing
metal heads vs the 80’s
religion breeds ignorance
what happens in the home stays in the home
pentecostal church with grandma
age brings perspective
different perspective
used to be a super annoying christian
people don’t like it when you question their religious beliefs
working with the tools you were given
podcasts changed Izzy’s outlook on life
when context is removed anything can be made to appear bad
rag-tag band of kids
prayer for healing that was never answered
keep a clean appearance for jesus
merry christmas, i’m fucking your wife
grin and bare it for the kids
physiology of a church service
church politics are troubling
embrace the struggle
look at your kids as people a.k.a. equals
let your kids think
take personal responsibility
not a question of if, but of when
don’t hide who you are to fit in
my kid has to come out of this ok
from one extreme to another
going to be awhile before you meet my kid
shotgun wedding
no brain activity when talking to the lord
i could never disown my children based upon their sexuality
better parents without religion
each religion has good aspects
abusive relationship with god
dark sense of humor
we have to laugh, even at the dark shit
fear of dealing with the finality of life
talk to kids like they’re adults
adapt or suffer
parenting isn’t easy, it’s scary and amazing
styles of parenting
nobody goes through life unscathed
find the dynamic that works with each child
evolution of what it means to be a parent
age is just a number
kids won’t save a relationship

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