Episode 38 – making it to mistake 3rd base – Bad Parenting Podcast

mr. bucket
wiggle wiggle
good vs bad music
dad lets toddler son wear dresses
is this a boy or a girl?
scotland and kilts
man balls in my mouth
what’s that thumping?
objectifying men
pumpkin parenting vs. helicopter parenting
mistake 3rd base
slinging lunch tickets and fake free sprites
wanted to work at a gas station for the bitching jacket
trying to impress a chick
justin has only had 4 jobs during his working years
filthy redneck, female snoop dogg, repeat masturbator and sexy fred flinstone
justin explains “teddy bear” to jodi
another interruption
let your kids make mistakes
fundraising for kids with guns
trent’s nightmare fuel - his eyeball rolled out of its socket
tempe seems to dream things into existence
possible gofundme campaign?
outro music - A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley

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