Episode 37 – grip your carrot – Bad Parenting Podcast / The Coffin Joe Cast

justin guests on The Coffin Joe Cast
not that professional
podcasting slut
scott the poolboy derails the show
mixlr stalker
joel wants scott's nuts
velcro gloves
kids on podcast
forgot a birthday
proud parent moments
i don't want to get shot
podcasting is a very personal medium
meeting somebody online shouldn't immediately make them "weird"
its the vibrations
being betrayed by those you are attempting to help
the things you'll do for your kids
did you know i could twerk?
don't let self doubt stop you from experiencing things
if high school was the greatest period of your life, your life sucks
don't let others tell you how you should be
i'm sick of all these motherfucking drop-bears on this motherfucking plane
young einstein
icehouse - great southern land
australia claims a lot of new zealand bands as their own
ned kelly
huntsmen spiders - what the actual fuck
stoned spiders for science
anti-venom, saving lives since 1979
manly - it's a city and a beach
la podfest
no snow in christmas
you can't have it both ways
r is for random

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