Episode 40 – only the engagement ring – Bad Parenting Podcast

​men trying on sexy costumes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRPf_H9X9PE
shitting on my milestone
jodi's still sick, but is feeling a bit better
professional vs. personal activities
only the engagement ring
united airlines is far better than frontier
making grass grow on limestone
tempe calls into the show to say goodnight
check out Hop Valley's Festeroo beer
topic of the episode: boys vs. girls
champagne of beers
jennifer lawrence vs. the world
he's not in love with you
gold digger
assume the worst of people
justin needs a routine
intentions can seem good but the outcome can be bad
mike rowe can do all the things
wage equality
potty mouthed princesses - http://vimeo.com/109731596
why don't we start teaching boys not to rape
dad had a good message buried in his anti-porn rant
karma didn't like teenage justin
blowing into the driveway
tuning the smartass
passing on only the good aspects of your personality
justin can't handle stupidity
the big bang
wanking it as a teenager vs. as an adult
next week we should discuss the cialis talk
possible parenting advice segment

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