Episode 31 – geriatric dorothy – Bad Parenting Podcast

*** this will be a drunken shit show, you've been warned ***
special guest sarah from high school
we pre-gamed more than usual
occasionally slip it in
introverted extrovert
figure it out
babies having babies
very fruity fly
filter issues
listen to what i mean, not what i say
what happened at the race track
geriatric dorothy leaving toto in the car
shouldn't we just help one another out instead of trying to tear everyone down
be thankful for what you have
fucking pussy babies need to toughen the fuck up
you have titties and you have titties
being soul-less has nothing to do with breast feeding
would breast feeding be allowed at hooters?
be comfortable in your own skin
did you fart on my son?
psychological warfare works on children
moist vs damp
grew up a military brat
teacher is so bad-ass he wiped out on a jet ski
possessive 8th grade boyfriend
jumped on the first day of school
ka-nutsack bullied in school a.k.a. justin gets mushy about an old friend
how schools expect you to deal with a bully - http://i.imgur.com/82vSTzo.gif
an AMBLING trip down memory lane
lost it to a catholic chick
sarah drops some knowledge
it's easier to plug something when justin isn't drunk and interrupting
sarah does DJ and Karaoke work. contact us if you'd like to contact her to schedule an event!
don't bad mouth disney in front of a mormon / ex-mormon
justin’s drunk performance brought to you buy Hop Valley’s Vanilla Infused Porter and Citrus Mistress
longest. show. closing. ever.

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