Episode 32 – sexy violence – Bad Parenting Podcast

really hot cans
justin hates relay races
guest etiquette
toddler death ruled homicide
africa hot
don't duck-tape a pacifier to your kids mouth, m'kay
racism is still alive and well in America and beyond
being pissed is ok, rioting and destroying property of innocent people is not
i'm in charge, no i'm in charge
if you pull a gun, you better be ready to pull the trigger
if you're caught doing wrong, step up and take your punishment
teach your kids about the real world, don't shelter them from knowing people are different
you can't take the words back once they've left your mouth
trent loves escalators
justin won't let his kids throw fits in a store
jodi fails at iphone video recording
ice bucket challenge stuff
end of episode music: Midwestern Rube by Top Dead Celebrity

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