Episode 30 – clever girl – Bad Parenting Podcast

back in the studio
toddler breaches white house security
#cowboytwerk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUOKyl2aT8
double-down with dicks and vag
don't say wiener to a cop
ghost door
stars are shooting trent
don't be afraid to do silly shit with your kids
yolo is a good motto?
getting revenge on shitbag parents and their shitbag children
straw-ber-ita rescue mission
don't leave your kids in hot cars
moose knuckle or camel toe?
technical problems answering a call
potty training toddlers
sores on the throat from strep throat
wisdom teeth removal fun
do commando baristas need to wear hair nets?
saw a hooker on foster
never build a family restaraunt next to a strip club
that made my penis tingle
clever girl
bubble guppies
kids today need to understand on demand doesn't apply to all aspects of life
things kids can do that adults can't - http://youtu.be/26cnJJUYVrs
my clothes are not a napkin
we're not allowed to spend money
a buck a turd
dirty sanchez, cleveland steamer & a cosby sweater
mommy boobies
clever girl

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