Episode 19 – filthy with larpers – Bad Parenting Podcast

it's memorial day weekend, thank a vet/service member
st. helens is filthy with larpers this weekend.
jodi's weird work schedule
finally the gays are allowed to "destroy the sanctity of marriage" in oregon!
vague-booking needs to stop, it's called social media for a reason
tempe thinks jodi is a jungle gym
suave baseball kid:

media hype over "hackers" and video baby monitors

new segment, "you're doing it wrong": https://www.badparentingpodcast.com/podcasts/images/milkshakes/05-24-2014/1.jpg https://www.badparentingpodcast.com/podcasts/images/milkshakes/05-24-2014/2.jpg https://www.badparentingpodcast.com/podcasts/images/milkshakes/05-24-2014/3.jpg https://www.badparentingpodcast.com/podcasts/images/milkshakes/05-24-2014/4-bad.jpg https://www.badparentingpodcast.com/podcasts/images/milkshakes/05-24-2014/5-worst.jpg

do you even iPhone bro?
weed on family vacation
reno is a filthy, filthy city
rather have kids smoke weed vs. cigarettes, drinking, blow off of a hookers ass, etc.
kids on planes
out of the box methods for getting kids motivated to do chores
portland mom's can be stuck up bitches
jodi and jake's summertime test
creative cuss word of the week is: chode slime

this episode brought to you by fireball and angry orchard crisp cider

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