Episode 18 – you had one job – Bad Parenting Podcast

frontier had one job and failed.  justin recaps was gone for the week but everyone survived.  we are insane and decided to move studio and bedrooms.  studio is almost back together.  a brewery that doesn't brew their own beer.  frontier employees are dicks.  deep sighs solve nothing.  five guys all over justin's hands.  technical difficulties.  tempe figured out the monkey bars.  how's your v?  ass wiping technique - sitting vs. standing vs. standing facing the toilet.  teacher charges for bathroom privileges.  when you gamble you may lose.  justin's an asshole.  where do you keep a belt when you're wearing a belt?  kids seem to have knack for hitting people in the nuts.  when boys learn you can literally bust a nut.  tempe needs to learn to say no.  creative cuss word of the week is chickenshit ball-sweat.

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