Episode 17 – little dipper – Bad Parenting Podcast

special guest zach doarn joins us in the bad parent studio. justin verifies zach's parent cred. colds and strep throat suck at foreplay. satan's swampy ass crack. baby fever causes babies. justin's drunk love for his truck. cheeseboogers. people sticking their noses in your parenting business. jake calls in. how's your little dipper? talking down to kids. developmental stages. common core math finds its way back into another episode. 95% bullshit, 5% actual information. kids weird bathroom behaviors. quick break. pissing on your kids head. just take a piece of candy, it won't hurt anything, it's just one piece. oprah hates dairy. justin scares somebody late at night / accidental creeper / stranger danger. differences in parenting styles. teach your kids the truth about rubbing one out. don't pump your kid full of mt. dew. male restroom etiquette. working on a new segment, her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. don't post a picture of your hot wife in her sexy clothes on facebook when your kid is a facebook friend. creative cussword of the week is bubba plug. please rate us on iTunes or Stitcher. 

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