Episode 20 – RIP Jeff Michael Vice – Bad Parenting Podcast

We got a late start
A new intro

A good dude left us this week
Facebook and death is a bad mix

Everybody has a different parenting style, you do not get to tell somebody they're doing it wrong
Ezra doesn't understand the concept of making a phone call
School projects

CTFD Parenting
certain things you can never un-taste
child proofing a house
don't be lazy parents

this week's break brought to you by Trent
first break song brought to you by Astro Tan - check them out - https://www.facebook.com/astrotanned

this weeks you're doing it wrong images, brought to you by one of our listeners:

taking pictures / videos of your kids while driving will end BADLY
sometimes you just have to embarass your kids

what to do when a company's employee break area overlooks your yard

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