Episode 36 – jedi master of mind f###ery – Bad Parenting Podcast

that was a redneck
weepy moment
background on punishment styles
witnessed child abuse
spankings vs. child abuse
keep your anger in check when handing out punishments
trent has been sassy lately
3 different kids, 3 different styles of punishment
ezra suffers from CRS (can't remember shit)
ezra doesn't realize justin nuked the cell phone he uses
counting doesn't work if you don't follow through
parents are getting lazy
sometimes the punishment is just as hard for the parents as it is for the kid
each kid has that one thing they hate having taken away from them
my kid has read more in 10 years than most people do over a lifetime
lord of the rings is hard
ezra is capable of doing amazing work on his chores
justin wants a self cleaning kitchen
justin explains dishwasher theory to ezra
emphasizing the words
bare ass wet spankings sting
potato vs. rock
don't always have time to explain everything
do what you're asked first, then ask for an explanation
sssh, what's that?
don't make daddy yell
factor of 3
why can't we get angelic tempe
child abuse is in the forefront of the nation's mind right now
make sure your child knows that no matter what they do, they are still loved
butt-fucked with news notifications
tear dem legs up
totally racist segment
culturally we are a cluster fuck
boomerang slipper
don't beat a kid in front of justin's dad
self soothe has gone too far
jedi master of mind fuckery
but i went
felt your daughter up
joy could be a diabolical shit sometimes
from teddy bear to grizzly bear
punishment lectures
daddy daughter dynamic
outside of the box punishments
where are all my games?

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