Episode 35 – front butt – Bad Parenting Podcast

shifting to more topic centric episodes
topic of the show: parenting naked a.k.a. nudity and children
the saggeth
single bathroom homes
accidental old man balls
front butt
pee-pee beard
justin keeps mixing up voyeur and exhibitionist
ezra has no shame
passing the bro code to your son
trent is already versed in some of the advanced methods of penis wrangling
"it's HUGE!"
polyamory - to each their own
nut valet
regular discussions in a relationship help keep the peace
america is very repressed. sexually.
body image
ezra's snack choices
positive enforcement
negativity sandwich
own the silly shit you do
jodi ruins a shrinkage joke
skinny shaming is bad, but fat shaming isn't?
good thing she didn't pull the tree over
our society is so awesome all girls think they're fat, no matter their size
we need to promote better positive body image
self confidence is key
sometimes we miss smoking
he's got some moves
matched based upon 29 points of compatibility
ezra can talk too much
common sense fails ezra too often
literal interpretations override common sense
be careful not to teach your kids to become a better liar
no-no box
we're here, we're not queer, but we're sincere vs. we're here, we're not queer, but it's ok if you are

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