Episode 7 – Bad Parenting Podcast

jodi is tired, but finally not sickly.  holy shitballs we were mentioned on one of our favorite podcasts.  trent vs potty training.  blaming the dog for bowel movements.  our children and their bathroom habits vs. ours.  ezra and another child at school were bamboozled by a girl.  t-shirts are offensive to mothers.  don't tell us how to parent our children.  girl scouts are teaching amazing business skills.  justin made jodi like samoa's.  wtf is a grasshopper cookie.  look out for the green snapper.  we have a fat kid moment.  lego movie is evil.  justin almost lost the entire episode.  rough times are ahead for justin and ezra.  fuck people for ignorant comments.  sorry for the downer towards the end of the episode.

we also tried out google hangouts on air.  check it out:


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