Episode 6 – gina biscuit – Bad Parenting Podcast

jodi doesn't care because she's still sickly.  gagging on microphones.  taking it back to '99 and making 'em say "uuuhhhh".  jodi dated some real idiots.  justin never thought that we'd go backwards with regards to gender stereotypes and kids toys.  "doesn't want to fuck your ignorant ass".  justin is still sad about trimming his beard.  justin is already planning his reconnaissance missions for keeping tabs on his kids.  justin and jodi relive their "wild" times.  ezra has been stepping up his game.  trent keeps potty training interesting.  you can now leave us a voicemail!  503-609-0375.  creative cussin' phrases of the week:  gut choker, gut packer, 'gina packer and 'gina biscuit.

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