Episode 5 – Bad Parenting Podcast

death metal intro song about snow. the whole country is feeling the icy fist of winters revenge. jodi is still sickly. we couldn't make it into work today. this was a week full of mondays. gender stereotypes shouldn't exist especially when raising kids. why can't opposite sex friendships exist without judgement? why do families dissolve ties due to sexual orientation, yet other worse transgressions are ok? jodi needs to learn better censor herself and stop dropping real names as this creates more work for justin. justin had to trim his beard and is now sad. justin still won't watch lord of the rings. why aren't cartoons awesome anymore? nyquil makes jodi groggy and mentally incapacitated.

new segment with Jake Turner "Why I hate your kids": jake will not be a parent, ever and he's not changing his mind. kids and ikea. jake reveals jodi's age by "accident". justin and jodi are overgrown children when they hear the word duty. consideration from both parents and non-parents alike would be nice. jake likes to brawl on the subway. jake won't give up his seat on the subway to a female for fear of being seen as a creeper. jodi's grandma is losing her memory. kiddos decide to interrupt the segment to say hi to their uncle. "pitching a tent" makes people laugh.

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