Episode 88 – Halloween & Disneyland – Bad Parenting Podcast

justin can't remember how to start the show
it's halloween
the teal pumpkin project - http://www.foodallergy.org/teal-pumpkin-project
)we get having a child with special needs is hard but...
never visit disneyland on a weekend
communication between spouses is key, especially when on vacation
fastpass is definitely the way to go
waiting in a line to avoid waiting in a line later is ridiculous
dumped into a parade
the tower of terror is not for toddlers
the matterhorn hurts
meeting the characters is amazing
jodi wasn't prepared for the parental side of the disney experience
i'm gonna shove those ironic glasses up your hipster ass
disneyland is a non-stop sensory overload
i'm good at showing up on time
disneyland attracts some VERY strange characters
showering by the light of a cellphone
yreka may not be the greatest place to stay
a shitty driver almost mowed us down
such a sensitive wookie

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