Episode 73 – toddler rave – Bad Parenting Podcast

*** WARNING - we play audio from a video that may make some uneasy. ***
when did we move to florida?
never tasted my salty butt
velociraptors do not crawl under!
what were you doing in the living room with a mouth full of taco?
toddler rave
whooping video - https://www.facebook.com/mediatakeout/videos/1016985901666690/
discipline and consequences are necessary
strangers won't punish my child
will only strike in self defense
confrontation between ezra and jodi
have that conversation with other parents
but you love me
if you don't want other parents stepping in, then handle the issue yourself
teachers - don't take pictures of your student's nether regions
this has me down
just wanna watch my fucking star trek
outlander / highlander / hercules mash-up

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