Episode 69 – jazz hands – Bad Parenting Podcast

special guest Chris joins us
this will be more of a drunken episode
pep talk
article we're discussing - http://www.babble.com/parenting/i-swear-in-front-of-my-kids-and-i-dont-give-a-damn/
masticating while masturbating
life is full of failures
cause this is our house
removing the shock value
i think it's ratchet now
yes i said tape player
gangsta rap made me do it
kept my dick out of that
honest approach to parenting
he's got jazz hands
sucking sounds nice
let the legend grow
hear his butthole pucker
michael bay level fuck-ups
a little retrospective between Justin and Chris

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  1. Great podcast! We use swear words here, probably too much! But… have told the girls that they are adult words and that they come out sometimes.

    • Thanks for the comment! We strongly believe in not sheltering our children from stuff like swear words. We know they’re going to hear them no matter what, so we’d much rather be able to help educate them rather than let their friends do it.

      Thank you for listening, we appreciate it!

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