Episode 67 – it’s been that kind of tuesday – Bad Parenting Podcast

a little too hot
penis to toilet height ratio
article we're discussing - http://dads.aplus.com/a/things-dads-do-daughters?utm_campaign=i102&utm_source=a38578&so=c3b42fad-632c-467b-80d7-5ac31bc2867a&ref=ns
wrecking ball karaoke
be careful about transferring your body image issues
conflict management / resolution is important
only have to worry about one penis
nothing wrong with crying as a man
paying attention is key
give 2 feminist moms a listen - https://www.facebook.com/TwoFeministMoms
more dress code drama
justin needs to compliment jodi more
your behind is better than her behind
i don't know how these things work
voicemail from a listener
you boys are pissing me off!
it's been kind of Tuesday - https://www.facebook.com/hotfmmackay/videos/1067204936630410/?pnref=story
next week we will have Slacker Jedi on as our guest

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