Episode 65 – do you even spell check bro? – Bad Parenting Podcast

​you’re grumpy
not gonna wait for lazy asses
mostly giving you a hard time
used dildo after used dildo
do you even spell check bro
justin will guest on no hope for humanity
topic of this episode is dress codes
five year old and her summer dress - http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2015/04/the_apparently_immoral_shoulders_of_my_five-year-old_daughter.php
unwashed comic book nerds
shoulders aren’t sexy
school dress codes seem to pick on girls
sweater must take the fall
everybody’s idea of appropriate is different
a stripper would have felt at home
you don’t need your dick anymore
classifying our curse words
button up shirt with athletic shorts
you respect that why in the fuck would he care if you _______
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