Episode 49 – slap her hard – Bad Parenting Podcast

soccer balls
eventful week
the amazing disappearing ezra
smart ass dad mode
if they deactivated that sim card
meatballs on a stick!
we tried to do an episode last week
slap her hard - http://aplus.com/a/slap-her-children-react-to-violence?utm_campaign=i102&utm_source=a6427
terror attack in france
“how else do you identify a terrorist if not by the color of their skin?”
american history x vibe
fat man and little boy a.k.a. tempe and trent
why are children hoarders?
submit ideas for our future show “influencing your kids/being influenced by your parents”
you’re not taking tempe to see cabin in the woods!
happy podding
impromptu phone call
elevator hens
always good for grandparents
jodi was smarter, jake was more entertaining
lizard lips
go check out behind the grind

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