Episode 15 – oblivious much – Bad Parenting Podcast

this episode brought to you by fireball and angry orchard.  special guest chris fills in for jodi while she recovers from sinus surgery.  the "mother" of all 2x4's.  having a child is expensive.  voldemort for awhile.  pooping in public.  upping your dad game.  affirmation of a child's love for their parents is nice.  using viral videos as a teaching tool.  busting beer cans with boobies.  setting a field on fire.  ezra leveled up on his attitude.  chris has to pee.  oregon doesn't care if kids turn their work in on time.  you win or you don't.  dedication to doing the best that you can.  certifications can be bullshit.  this was our first episode on mixlr.

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