Episode 12 – Bad Parenting Podcast

more sickness. justin had a staycation but nothing went as planned. jodi’s performance brought to you by straw-ber-ita. last episode’s celebration of not being sick was premature. the stomach bug transitioned into a head cold for the kids, double ear infection for trent, and a sinus infection for jodi. boy funk marinating in a cast is gross, it smells like the color brown. justin is trying new recording software and freaks for a moment because it looks like he may not be getting recorded. trent tries to break his leg/foot and give himself a concussion. legacy randall children’s hospital emergency room kicks ass. justin doesn’t agree with the term surprise pregnancy. society shouldn’t raise children, their parents should. little harvey and kids creating embarrassing situations by pointing. not wearing makeup does not raise breast cancer awareness. don’t live for someone else. trent launched a submarine. the meaning of a sign drastically changes when quotes are added. creative cuss word of the week. we’re available on iTunes, Stitcher and Tune-in.

link to signs jodi was reading: http://www.distractify.com/people/the-30-most-unnecessary-uses-of-quotation-marks-in-history/​

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